30 Days of D/s – Finding Your Local Community

Have you been involved with community in the past? What was your experience? Are you nervous or shy? Explore your feelings and consider whether the local community is a viable option for you.

I love communities!

I don’t love the drama and the politics and all that nonsense but I love going to munches, classes, conventions, MAsT, and parties. I love being able to be me and not worry about what I say or how I respond to Daddy.

I’ve been going to community things since I was about 20 and have often said that I grew up in it. I’m very fond of the kink and Leather folk who taught me and steered me in different directions as I tried to figure out what the hell I was doing. I’ve learned a lot about myself and how I want to interact with kink because of them. And it’s because of them that I’ve tried to turn around and give to the community.

With the move, we’re now in a much smaller community with a lot less events. Leather is also even more difficult to come by. I’m very grateful for the MAsT in a nearby city since it keeps that thread of connection for me. So while my activity in the community has slowed down, and my interest waned in the last year or so, I still find community deeply important and try to keep one foot in.

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