30 Days of D/s – Sex Isn’t Required for D/s

Have you ever considered D/s without a sexual component? Would you be interested in something like it? How important is sex to your current or future D/s relationship? These are just a few things to think about if the concept is new to you.

This is a topic I’ve thought a lot about over the years, both in regards to how I talk about it with other people and what I need for myself in a dynamic or scene.

I am honestly don’t think I could engage in a long-term full-time power exchange dynamic with someone without sex being involved. I attempted it once but ultimately was unhappy and had to renegotiate. I enjoy being sexual and to leave it 100% off the table in this kind of situation makes me uncomfortable.

However, playing with someone, a scene, I don’t mind having sexual components off the table. It’s different. I don’t need sex to feel like a scene is complete. I enjoy play for the sake of play whatever form that takes.

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