30 Days of D/s – Sexual Availability

What do you think? Does sexual availability sound deliciously sexy?

Or does it not sound appealing at all?

I love sexual availability in BDSM. I love aggressive spontaneous sex. I love sex that makes me feel used, filthy and controlled. There is something very attractive about being pinned down and fucked without regard for my own pleasure. I love the objectification feelings that come with it. I find it satisfying and it fulfills my need to be desired. Having my dominant grab me because I walked past him and fucking me because he can’t stand looking at me for one more minute without shoving his cock into me is just plain hot.

Our relationship has a CNC model so there is already a great deal of trust in our relationship. Daddy knows what I do and don’t enjoy. For us, the CNC makes my enjoyment second, or irrelevant anyways, but I enjoy that feeling in a lot of ways. Having my wants secondary reinforces the service aspect of our relationship. I want his wants to come first. If that’s food or licking his boots or sex, then I’m pleased to follow his whims. Being sexually available 24/7 is part of that service for me, and I love that Daddy loves it too.

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