30 Days of D/s – Drop is Real

Have you ever felt a drop after kinky play?

Can you come up with some ways you might help yourself or your partner through it?

This is another topic I’ll expand on in the future but drop after scenes is a very real experience for me. Like space, I don’t think everyone experiences it every time but it can be very jarring for those who don’t expect it.

There was a period of time where my drop was so severe that we took time off from playing until other things in my life straightened out and settled down. Playing was still a wonderful time but the crash after was almost dangerous. The time off has helped me immensely and now my crashes are a little more predictable and easier to cope with.

Mostly, I need sleep. Sleep, water, and food. I tend to not to hit serious drop until the day after play – or after a convention or a busy weekend. I’ve had drop last a day to three or four days. I try to plan for it and Daddy knows what is going on. He supports me through handling anything urgent that may came up, helps me get food to eat, finds movies to watch. Spending time with him or checking in with whatever other top I may have played with is one of the best things that I can do for myself during drop. Just that moment of “everything is okay between us” helps my brain so much.

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