30 Days of D/s – The D/s Dynamic That Works For You

The kind of dynamic I want has only deepened over time. I’ve always been drawn to D/s, the power exchange. Being a submissive has always been the most attractive option although I have experimented with power in other ways. But in a relationship? A long-term one? I want to be the little letter.

Daddy and I have moved from D/s to M/s over time. There are many facets to our relationship although M/s is what underlies all of it. And as we move forward together, the M/s only deepens and heightens the other aspects that exist between us.

We’ve explored different ways of approaching power exchange over the years. We have both found ourselves drawn to things that seem hot in practice but, in reality, don’t work for us. I love the idea of endless rules and strict structure but, in practice, that doesn’t work for me. It’s been a learning curve in a lot of ways as we’ve moved from play partners to D/s to deep M/s. We’ve had to figure out what makes each of us thrive in our roles and work together to create a dynamic that both of us love.

What works for me is a handful of necessary rules, protocols that reinforce the dynamic, and a structure that has flexibility. Having a partner who is able to give me these things is important. I desire things like sex and romance in my dynamic too but I don’t want them to overshadow the power exchange that is happening between us either.

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