Good Reads: Dec 2019

I love roundup posts! I love reading lists of articles or books that other people have found interesting. I also have lots of things bookmarked to read later and thought I’d just start sharing them too.

My hope is to do these towards the end of the month with things mostly published during that month. Some content will be kink or sex and some won’t. I’m keeping this very loose.

Molly’s Daily Kiss – Top 100 Sex Blogs 2019

While this is a list rather than an article, Molly’s Top 100 Sex Blogs is absolutely worth a peek if you are looking for more wonderful sex blogs to read. I also have to thank Molly for picking me as one of her New Voices for 2019. It means a lot to me as I stumble my way into the world of blogging.

Girly Juice – 12 Days of Girly Juice 2019: 5 Sex-Savvy Superheroes

Honestly, everything Kate Sloan writes is thoughtful and interesting and I would just put her whole blog on here if I could. Her 12 Days of Girly Juice 2019 series has led me to adding some interesting books to my TBR pile and following some new people I hadn’t heard of.

Mistress Snow – I Told My Mentor I Was a Dominatrix

This article came across my Twitter one night and was immediately enraptured with it. Mistress Snow’s experience in academia is relatable in many ways for me and has generated some fascinating conversations on Twitter as a result. These conversations about academia and sex work need to keep happening and we (especially non-sex workers) need to be paying attention and lifting these voices up.Follow Mistress Snow on Twitter for more thoughtful and insightful content.

The Wench Works – Discourse & Denial: An Analysis Of Critical Discourse In The Kink Community

If you read nothing else on this list, read this one.

This post is thoughtful, critical, and asks the very difficult questions that many of us kinky people would prefer to avoid. Being critical of ourselves, our kinks, and remembering that nothing exists in a vacuum is deeply important and if that reminder makes you uncomfortable, good. If Wendy’s writing makes you uncomfortable, good. Take the time to examine those feelings, examine if you get defensive reading her words, examine what steps you are or aren’t taking to be responsible.

Marsha Adams – Why I shouldn’t enter the Smut Marathon (but you should)

Marsha’s post about her 2018/19 Smut Marathon experiences is insightful into the process of the Smut Marathon if you’ve never participated (like me). If you’re curious about the Marathon at all, give Marsha’s post a peek and go enter!


I have gotten into lingerie this past year and have had a hard time justifying to myself why I should buy more. Enter Sweet Nothings and her lovely, stylish article about ways to wear lingerie that are more outside of the box than “be sexy in bed”. Her pictures are helpful and gorgeous. Sweets has some ultra lovely outfits in this post and I’m now super obsessed with the petticoat with pockets.

On Queer Street – Kinky Christmas presents I want stuffed in my stocking

Quinn is an absolutely delight and you should be reading her blog! I love this post not just for the great gift suggestions but the little vignettes of erotica Quinn weaves between each suggestion.

Little Switch Bitch – APOLOGIES

LSB’s post has stuck with me in a larger context than I think she intended. As someone who is figuring out how their niche fits in the sex blogging community at large, I do feel the need to apologize or even justify why I write what I write about whether it’s here or on Twitter. I’m fairly private about my sex life and don’t have much interest in doing reviews so I feel a little out of place in the sea of filthy blogs and reviewers. LSB’s post about her own struggle with this was nice to read and a reminder that none of us are alone in feeling out of place.

The Other Livvy – Splosh

I don’t read as much erotica nowadays as I’d like to but I’ve been reading all of the entries for Quinn’s The Great BDSM Bake Off and was delighted with Splosh. Sploshing is a kink that fascinates me for a plethora of reasons and Livvy has written a sweet erotica that’s got me even more interested.


Ella Dawson is someone I’ve followed on my vanilla Twitter for a long time and I enjoy reading her work. This article is one that I’ve read at least three or four times now and I encourage you to do so too. As a creative person trying to balance finishing a degree, starting a blog, my private creative pursuits, and a full time dynamic, burnout often feels like it’s creeping right behind me, waiting for the right moment. Ella’s essay dives into what burnout feels like (and if it sounds familiar to you, please start taking care of yourself as best you can), what we can do to manage it, and the difficult circumstances surrounding burnout and why it’s not something we can ever really avoid.

Blair Braverman – Wearing Makeup Doesn’t Make You Less Outdoorsy

Another wonderful person I’ve followed for a long time on my vanilla Twitter, Blair is an amazing writer and also raises sled dogs. Writing and cute dog pictures, what more do you need? Her advice column, Tough Love, has been great to read. I’m not an outdoorsy person by any means – I don’t like camping or hiking or mountain biking or anything remotely related – but a lot of Blair’s advice extends further than that sphere of outdoors and is full of gems that any of us can apply to our lives.

Bonus – The Smutlancer Podcast

Okay, this isn’t a ‘good read’ per se but The Smutlancer Podcast has been wonderful to listen to and is full of helpful advice whether or not you’re sex blogging or trying to make an income. Kayla and Molly are clever, full of knowledge, and just fun to listen to.

If you have any good reads from December, please feel free to share! Whether you wrote it or read it, I want to read it too.

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