Good Reads: February 2020

The weather is getting warmer in my part of the US. We’re starting to have more days that are 70° than not and I’m loving it. Spring isn’t officially here for a few more weeks but we’ve had such a mild winter, I’m already pretending. All this warm weather has gotten me reading and writing more. How about you? Is it snowing and cold still or are you warming up and ready for spring?

Here’s this month’s edition of Good Reads:


This Valentine’s Day shoot is full of lovely lingerie and gorgeous photography but Sweets also reflects on the concept of compulsory romance. Valentine’s prompts a lot of different feelings for us and I love that she doesn’t shy away from some of the harder sides of Romance.

AlphaTribe – Rob Wilde – Interview With Pet Players

I did a bit of a rabbit hole thing the other day through Pup!Twitter and had a lot of fun reading different Tweets by pups. I ended up finding this great article where Rob Wilde interviews different animal players. Definitely take a peek if you’re curious about what folks get out of this kind of thing and what other animals folks are drawn to.

On Queer Street – Fucking your dick with their mouth

I’ve been slowly reading more and more of Quinn’s erotica and was absolutely thrilled to read this hot piece featuring a dominant enby and a subby cis guy. As a non-binary person, it’s hard to feel seen in erotica sometimes but Quinn is amazing at it. Everything about this piece is yummy.

Her Puppy’s Blog – Thoughts on Consensual Slavery, Spirituality, and My Journey

I’m working on a blog post inspired by Chase’s post but wanted to include it in this month’s edition of Good Reads. Chase writes about things that I’ve not yet dared to write about on my own blog and I can’t help but see aspects of my own journey reflected in their post. The idea of devotion and service being entwined is familiar and comforting to see that others feel it too.

Queer and Confused – Transphobia in Sex Blogging

I shared this post on my Twitter the minute after I finished reading it. Transphobia among sex bloggers is a very real thing and I deeply appreciate an article exploring the concept of passive transphobia and what people need to be doing to combat it.

Brighter Than Sunflowers – Bees in the Closet: A Polyamorous Parable

This post drifted across my Twitter one day and I’m glad I read it. I didn’t know that Eve Rickert, co-author of More Than Two, blogged but I’ve read more of her blogs after reading this one. This parable is very spot-on with what can happen within poly relationships around agreements and boundaries and how easy it is to ignore our gut feelings when we want everyone to be happy.

naraka kālasūtra – Slavery and Gender Identity

This is a topic near and dear to my heart and one that I’m exploring constantly. Can we create an area in which sexuality and gender identity actually do not matter? Can you explore your gender identity separate from your sexuality and separate from the partners you have in your life? This post explores some of these concepts in a way that touched me.

What have you read this month? Drop links in the comments below and I look forward to reading them.

Good Reads is a round-up of articles and blogs that I’ve read each month that I found interesting and think you should read too.

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