5 Tips to Celebrate Pride 2020

Celebrating Pride has become important to me over the years although how I do so changes slightly depending on things from energy to interest in events and, more recently, geographical location. 2020 has brought some new challenges (hello COVID-19) and I wanted to roundup some ways you can celebrate Pride this year while staying safe.

1. Donate to Black Lives Matter and related organizations

As I’ve stated previously, the current BLM movement is deeply important and one that the LGBT+ community cannot ignore. If you are able, donate to your local BLM chapter or other local organizations. Attend a protest if you can, volunteer to help protesters, or find online movements to participate in. LGBT+ rights and history wouldn’t exist without Black people and we must continue to fight racism within our own spaces.

2. Donate to LGBT+ organizations

Pride is about community and one of the best ways to directly support your community is by supporting organizations doing good work. Volunteering is another great option but may be tricky right now with the pandemic. Don’t forget to look around your local area for organizations that could use your help today.

3. Learn some LGBT+ history

It’s important to understand why Pride is so important, the events that led to things like the Stonewall Riots and Compton’s Cafeteria Riot. I’m sharing books and other internet sources but remember to connect with older LGBT+ people. First-hand knowledge of our struggles is important to hear, remember, and record.

4. Attend a Virtual Pride Event

Pride parades and festivals are mostly canceled across the country due to COVID-19. While its important for safety reasons, it does eliminate something many people look forward to every year. Luckily, there are plenty of virtual pride events that you can participate in to try and capture some of that special Pride feeling.

5. Host Your Own Virtual Pride Event

This may be pretty obvious but you can host your own event! Plan a brunch with your friends, a watch party, trivia night, or even just a happy hour (alcohol optional!) and swap stories about past Prides.

Bonus: Spend Some Time With Yourself

Being LGBT+, being queer, can be hard sometimes. There is a lot going on in the world and this has been a year that I need community more than I have in the past. Physically sharing the same spaces as my queer friends is impossible but spending time with myself isn’t. Take some time this month and take care of yourself. Self-care looks different for everyone so I won’t get into that but your physical, mental, and spiritual health are important.

Yes, Pride is often painted as fabulous drag events, parades, parties, town squares filled with vendors. But Pride is also internal and something we should nurture within ourselves every day. Whether you’re out, closeted, or half-and-half, you deserve to be proud of yourself.

You’re enough. You belong here. Your language is great and it’s okay if it changes. You don’t need to suffer to be part of the community. You don’t need to look gay or queer or anything else to be here. You are amazing the way you are. Don’t change a thing.

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