Favorite Things: Pride

I want to take a moment to acknowledge that rainbow capitalism is a problem and has gotten worse over the years. Having our dollars go to companies that don’t actually support the queer community is a problem. Awareness isn’t the same as action and many businesses have simply realized our queer dollar is just as valid as a straight dollar and that, in fact, they’ll earn more dollars by being “vocal” about wanting queer ones. It’s business, y’all, not support.

Having said that, I also love to shop and it’s so amazing to go to somewhere like Target and see Pride shit everywhere. That wasn’t a thing for me growing up and it’s absolutely wild that it is now. I can buy Pride items in many stores without needing to scour the aisles and its an incredible feeling.

So! Here’s a bunch of Pride stuff I want to buy this month:



Sock Dreams Fishnet OverlayRainbow Thigh High


Lipslut’s Resting Bitch Face Matte Lipstick


Restrained Grace’s LGBTQIA+ Pride Flag Petite Collar


When Brooklyn Was Queer by Hugh Ryan


The Pin Prick’s Iridescent RainbowPride Cufflinks


What sort of Pride things are you eyeing this month? What shops or creators do you love to support?

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