I Forgot QC’s Birthday

Every once in a while I scroll back through my Twitter timeline and skim everything I’ve posted or retweeted. It helps me remember ideas that I didn’t jot down at the time and gives me an overview of what my focus has been on lately. The most recent thing I forgot to make a note about to write about is how old Queer Courtesan is!

Twitter popped up to remind me that my account was 5 years old which is absolutely wild to me. It means that the concept of Queer Courtesan has existed for that long since I’m pretty sure I created the Twitter and the original (free) WordPress blog at the same time. I did some poking around and figured out that I started QC as a way to create a freelancing portfolio which ultimately led to nothing since the latter half of 2015 was difficult and tumultuous. Either way, a seed had been planted!

I came back to QC April-ish in 2019, telling myself and Daddy that it was just going to be a fun side project and I wasn’t going to do anything really serious with it. I just wanted something for fun that I didn’t have to share on FetLife and wasn’t linked to my legal name. Anyways, it’s been a little over a year now of actively working on Queer Courtesan and it’s hard to believe that I’ve stuck with a project for so long.

As I shared in my goal posts earlier this week, there are a few things that I really want to do here and there are more things that I didn’t share that I also really want to do. It’s moved from a “fun project” to what I call work. It’s nice though, even if it’s not what I pictured originally a year ago!

This is mostly just a squishy post for me to reflect on QC and the last year or so. I have memory issues so if things don’t get written down somewhere, I won’t remember. The few years around 2015 are blurry and difficult to recall at times, due to some difficult events, so it’s really nice to see that I was doing good things during that time period even if I didn’t know it yet.

So, officially, I’m going to use April 2019 as the birth of current-day Queer Courtesan. I’m proud of what I’m accomplished in the last 15 months and looking forward to where the next few years go. The last year has been wild in so many ways. For one, Molly included me in the Chaturbate’s Top Sex Blogger 2019 with a New Voice Award and, let me tell you, I fucking sobbed when I found out. Being seen in that way was incredible and gave me a lot of confidence to keep going.

Carving out space in the sex blogging world bred a lot of imposter syndrome for me since I have little interest in sex toy reviews and am fairly private about my literal sex life. But so much of the community has been welcoming anyways and doesn’t care whether I write about books or dildos, both are great.

Next week will be less about me and my squishy feelings!

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