Good Reads: September 2020

I’m keeping myself on hiatus for a little bit longer but I wanted to put together this month’s edition of Good Reads since I missed it in August. I hope everyone is well as Fall descends upon us and the weather finally turns cooler. I’m hoping to get back out into my garden for a few more weeks before it’s too chilly to be outside.

Coffee and Kink – [Quote Quest] You Need to Have Power Before You Can Give it Away

I found this post by Amy to be incredibly thoughtful and important. Over the years, I’ve watched a few dynamics go down in flames because of the kind of dominants Amy describes – insecure, power seeking, fetishizing youth. And the person who ends up hurt is the submissive. There are a lot of tropes and myths that get perpetuated that contribute to this that need to be stamped out. I appreciate that Amy doesn’t blame herself or anyone else who gets trapped in this kind of abusive relationship and instead gives some guidance on how to protect yourself as a submissive.

Chase Tramel – The No That Changed My Life

Somewhere along the way I picked up the concept that “if I can’t trust your no, how can I trust your yes?” It mostly related to safewording and the terrible myth that a bottom who safewords is a bad bottom but it really expands past BDSM play. Chase describes watching someone saying no and the other person accepting that graciously and negotiating an alternative. It’s such a simple thing but the concept seems so radical.

Mx Nillin – How Cisnormativity in Blogging is Alienating Your Trans Peers

Mx Nillin has written extensively about the transphobia in the sex blogging community over the last few months. I know that I’ve linked to several of their posts in various Good Reads on the topic. The bulk of this post centers around how to improve our blogs and remove transphobia from things like sex toys to sex blogging events. Take the time to learn a few things and think about how you discuss these topics.

HarlequinWorks – Financial domination – take my money

This was a great guest post on Girl on the Net and I honestly wanted a little bit more! The topic of FinDom is so controversial and taboo, I don’t know many people who talk about it. Personally, the concept scares me in some ways but Harley makes it sound appealing and alluring. I can understand why folks engage in it!

Hey Epiphora – Where vibrators are born: my trip to Fun Factory in Bremen, Germany!

I’m always deeply fascinated by how companies work and what their office space looks like. This was such a fun and interesting post that gave me all of that – and a deep desire to go to Germany and eat a lot of food.

Keep an eye on my Twitter for updates about me and my hiatus. I am focusing on family and myself still but I’ve been active on Twitter a bit again lately. Hopefully I’ll get back to writing lots of stuff soon.

Drop your fave reads this month in the comments and let me know what you think about my picks.

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