Good Reads: October 2020

Happy (almost) Halloween y’all!

This month has gone by faster than expected but in a lot of good ways. School has started up for me again and I’m one of three final classes to finish my degree. I’ve managed to publish several more blogs than I thought I would this month. The southern heat is finally starting to slow down and we’ve had some lovely chilly nights the last few evenings.

If you’re an American, please make sure you vote! November 3rd is approaching fast and I’m sure we’re all sick of hearing it but voting is extremely important. Daddy and I will be voting first thing on Election Day. Lots of communities have lots of resources out there to help you get to a polling place so please ask around, text a friend, and go vote.

Now on to October’s Good Reads.

Quenby Creatives – The Cost of Doing Business

Quenby has been a consistent trans voice in the last months of cis nonsense in the sex blogging world. Their article about it having a cost is one that I wish more people would read and really understand. Trans people aren’t out here fighting transphobia because they are “a well paid shill for a powerful trans lobby” as Quenby writes. But because it matters, it’s important.

Love, Violet – Forget Me Not

I don’t want to write much about Violet’s post simply because I don’t want to taint the emotions encapsulated in this post. It’s vulnerable, aching, familiar. I had wanted a relationship of mine to end this way. It didn’t and I often wonder what would be different if it had.

Queer Earthling – Asexuality and Queerness (and a new definition of sex

This is the kind of post I wish I had had years ago when my ex came out as asexual. I love this exploration of what is sex and different ways of approaching the topic. More of this please!

Vanilla Free Sex – Hypersexuality

I was diagnosed with bipolar in my early twenties after an anti-depressant failed on me and a friend recommended a book to me – Why Am I Still Depressed? Looking back, there were other signs of my bipolar, including a very long period of being hypersexual. It’s hard to write about it and I applaud Storm for doing just that. One of her last lines, “It can be so hard to differentiate between my true self and my illness”, is also deeply familiar and one I’ve wrestled with myself over the last decade.

Quenby has launched a new meme! Queerousal is a sex blogging linkup by LGBT+ folk for LGBT+ folk. You can check out Round 1 of Queeroursal here.

I was a guest for #FetChat earlier this month, talking all about bootblacking. You can read my guest post for #FetChat here.

What were your favorite reads this month? Did you write something you’re in love with? Share in the comments below!

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