A Diary Entry

This week has been…rough.

I knew the election wouldn’t be finished on Election Day but it’s Friday and I’m tired. Tired of minute-by-minute count updates, speculation on what will happen, the president’s deranged rants. The last four years has been politically Too Much.

My brain shuts down during things like this no matter what I do. Meds, yoga, naps. I’ve done maybe one out of every four or five things that I needed to get done this week and it’s frustrating. I just launched a vanilla business, am working on projects for QC here, and a new school term started last week. Not a great time for my brain to quit working!

In other timely news, Kinkly announced their Top 100 Sex Blogging Superheroes of 2020 and it’s a delight to see my name on the list. That means so much to me. But they also chose a blog that was part of the nasty transphobia chaos this year as a Top New Sex Blog and I can’t support that. They should know who and what behavior they are supporting by putting blogs on their lists and I’m disappointed that they chose to ignore that.

I don’t know why this keeps happening but folks need to step way the fuck up and quit supporting blogs and people who mocked and bullied trans folks.

I’m tired. I want to be thinking about graduating and my birthday this weekend, not shitty people ruining things.

This isn’t the post I was going to write this week but it’s the one that I’ve got.

Take care of yourself. Get off the internet for a while. Go outside if you can. Pet a cat. Eat a snack. Things won’t remain the same for long, I hope.

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