Good Reads: December 2020

Hi lovely readers. I hadn’t meant to take (another) hiatus over the last 2 months but my life has been chaotic. We’ve had family emergency after emergency, Daddy has had a lot of work stuff going on (but he got a promotion! I’m very proud of him), etc, etc. Seasonal depression kicks my ass every year and every year I forget! It’s a fun time.

I normally use Good Reads to share wonderful blogs and articles I’ve read over the last month but I want to use December to share some of my favorite things from the past year. And, as always, I love seeing what your favorite things to read this year so let me know in the comments!

Chase Tramel – Chronic Creatives

Okay, this isn’t an article but a Patreon. Chase is super awesome, I’ve shared some of his work before, and he’s recently launched Chronic Creatives. It’s “a sex & kink positive community for disabled entrepreneurs” with a Discord! I’m very excited about it and will be joining very soon.

Mx Nillin – How Cisnormativity in Blogging is Alienating Your Trans Peers

A lot happened this year with trans bloggers calling out transphobia in the sex blogging community. I’m linking just one of Mx Nillin’s posts but spends some time on their blog reading all of the coverage they did along with the rest of their wonderful blog.

Formidable Femme – I Don’t Want You to Look at Me and See a Woman

Basically, nobody owes you androgyny and sometimes people’s presentation matches what you think a gender looks like but you’re wrong. Accept being wrong, correct how you think of people, and move on!

Wendy Williams – Becoming A Slave: A Beginners Foray Into The Master/Slave Dynamic

I wrote back in May that “power exchange is an emotional roller coaster in many ways” and that Wendy captures a lot of that in this post. I think that’s still true and I appreciate Wendy’s ability to be open and vulnerable with us about exploring M/s.

On Queer Street – Fucking your dick with their mouth

I don’t read a lot of erotica but when I do it needs to be hot and queer. Quinn nails both.

Feminista Jones – Yes, Master

The language of BDSM is complicated and “Master and slave” lead the pack. As a white person, I won’t ever truly understand the relationship between black people and M/s language but I seek out essays like this to try to understand.

Alia Volz – My Mom’s Pot Brownies Were Legendary During the AIDS Epidemic. This Is Her Recipe.

The history I was taught about AIDS by queers centered on queer community and how queers took care of each other because no one would. The story ends with Alia’s mom’s recipe but there’s so much love and community in the whole piece that resonates with me.

There are tons and tons of other great articles that I can’t include here. You can check out my previous Good Reads columns here. And follow me on Twitter where I share and retweet other bloggers!

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