2020 End-of-Year Goal Review

I’ve been putting off writing this blog post a little bit because I wasn’t confident that I’d have anything great to say about myself or my goals. I spend a lot of time in my own head thinking about all the things I haven’t done that I forget to recognize what I have done.

You can read my first 2020 goal post here and my mid-year check-in here.

Word of the Year

Looking back, this was not the year to pick the word “purpose” but I had not predicted a global pandemic in January. What can you do? I feel like many of us have spent the year treading water and trying to figure out what the point of all of this is. How does one figure out where you are in relation to the universe, how your actions flow out from you and create ripples, when it seems like half of everyone is anxious and worried like you and the other half don’t give a fuck.

So. Yeah. I don’t think I got to spend much time on this word as I wanted to but it’s in the back of my mind anyways as I decide what to do and when.

The Goals

Read books – As of the day of me writing this, I’ve read 72 books. I’m really proud of myself with this one, especially since I let myself be indulgent, reread books, and not feel obligated to read certain books. I didn’t read as many kink books as I wanted to (or review them) but that’s okay. I read. That matters.

Yoga – I still have a rocky relationship with yoga. I go through periods of being consistent and then something throws off my routine and I have to start all over. I’ve come to accept that it’s going to be a work in progress and am dabbling with other forms of movement in the meantime.

Journaling – Another struggle. Let’s be honest, I just didn’t want to write a lot of this year down. Exploring my inner self during a pandemic sounded like a worse idea as the year went on. It’s going to remain a goal of mine in 2021 but, like yoga, it will be a work in progress.

Cooking & Makeup – Like I said back in July, I don’t care! One day I will and that will be nice.

Less social media – Guess what! I am bad at this again! And I downloaded Tik Tok so that’s real fun. Anyways, I’m keeping this one in the, you guessed it, work in progress column.

Blog Goals

I added blog specific goals in my July post and, like I said then, it’s something I was nervous about doing. I love ideas. I love brainstorming and planning and making charts and boards. But I’m not always great at carrying it out. However, it seems that skill improved a bit this year.

Blog twice a week – I am still not as consistent as I would like to be (Nov & Dec are ghosts on my editorial calendar) but I have posted A LOT more than I thought possible and I’m proud of that. I’ve dealt with a family death, family emergencies (in 2 different states), school, launching a business, and, oh yeah, a pandemic. I’ve written 33 posts this year at a total of 29,000+ words! That’s so freaking good!

Digital products – This is still in the background churning. The fall was supposed to be my time to develop these but way too many other things came up and I’ve had to backburner this. I will have a shop with some stuff in the new year though!

Pitch more – Y’all. I have written for other people not once but multiple times this year! I’m not at the level I would like to be yet but it’s a start and I’m so proud of that. I am also now doing an erotica submission roundup for The Smutlancers each month!

Refocus QC – Since July, every blog post I wrote, other than Good Reads columns, were tied to kink in some way. This is going so well and I’m looking forward to the future. I even launched a new column called BDSM Basics. Also big shout out to One True Way for such great prompts!

Despite the pandemic, my depression, family death, and too many other stressors, I’ve done a lot this year. I’m really proud of that and it’s so nice seeing it all here in text. I haven’t begun to think about 2021 goals just yet but I’ll share them with y’all when I do!

I hope you reached some of your own goals this year, whether that was completing something or moving it to a work-in-progress type thing like I did or even just dropping it all. Success looks different for us all.

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