Word of the Year & 2021 Goals

It took me a little while to both find the time and inspiration to think about 2021 goals. After the strangeness is 2020, it seems silly to try and decide what I want to accomplish. I scratched off or modified several goals last year. So why pick any?

I realized that I need to use the word “goal” loosely. Many things I’ve written down won’t ever be truly finished. They’re things that guide decisions I’ll make, set me up for future plans. The things I feel I accomplish last year were more in this vein rather than a solid project. So with that in mind, here are some of my goals for 2021.

Word of the Year

Thrive – to flourish, to prosper – to develop well, vigorously

Last year’s word was progress. This year, I’ve chosen thrive. I’ve focused a lot of my time and energy the last few years trying to find my sense of normalcy after some challenging times. I’m ready to move forward past that and, well, thrive. Flourish. I’m tired of doing ground work all the time.

Time to bloom.

Career Goals

I decided to share a little bit about my career goals that aren’t just QC-centric this year. Launching a copy writing business last winter has me thinking a LOT about the idea of a career and that fact that I’m developing one. And as a writer!

  • Consistent content across blogs, social media – I think i improved a lot of my workflow last year but there’s always room for more improvment. I’m also recognizing that I have had more periods of emotional turmoil (and thus lower energy for work stuff) over the last year that I need to plan for a little better.
  • Digital products – This has been a goal for QC for a long time and I am really determined to make it work this year!
  • Specific money goals – I’m not going to share numbers but I’m trying to think more about my finances, the difference between getting by, being comfortable, and stress-free. And how to translate all of that in to dollars.
  • Blog content – I’m mostly keeping my goals from last year about the content (more BDSM specific stuff), but I also want to share more personal things, get a little deeper about my dynamic and how we got to where we are today.

Personal Goals

Many of my personal goals remain the same but modified a bit for the reality of living in a pandemic (what a fun sentence that is!).

  • Read 50 books – Last year I aimed to read 20 books and ended up reading 72. So I picked a number sort of in the middle of that. I’ve also decided to give myself requirements for what I read:
    • 10 books from my (lengthy) TBR (to be read) list.
    • 10 books that I already own.
    • 5 non-fiction.
    • 5 queer-centric
    • 5 kink (that aren’t just for review)
    Some books will overlap categories or not hit them at all, which is fine. I’m mostly aiming to expand what I’m reading.
  • Movement – A continued goal from last year. I’m still struggling hard with doing yoga at all so I’m trying to generalize to just “movement”. I already sat a lot with school and blogging and now it’s even more with my increased workload. I’m also anxiously waiting for the warmer weather to so I can garden!
  • Journaling – Another continued goal but I’m expanding my defintion. Free-form, prompt driven, morning pages, planning, artsy drawing – it all counts this year.
  • Art – I want to do more art in general! I spend a lot of time doing non-fiction writing and I want to get back into those fun creative spaces I once had.

I have a few more goals and ideas that I’m keeping to myself for now. I’m aiming to use all of these things not as goalposts but guidelines and see where it takes me.

Whether or not you’ve made goals this year or decided to just let it things happen as they will, I hope you’re able to thrive in the most glorious, fulfilling wa

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