Good Reads: March 2021

This is just a quick sampling of great articles I read this past month. Please check out these folks’ blogs, share their material on social media, and keep reading.

akinkyautistic – Why Bottoms Should Make Notes At Kink Workshops

I’ve always been a voracious note-taker and have happily kept my notes from classes for years now. Note-taking is so useful for so many reasons and akinkyautistic’s reasons are very familiar to me. Between my own memory issues and that ADHD need to fiddle with something, note-taking is super beneficial. (Also, bottoms should attend workshops for tops and vice versa! How can you know someone is doing the thing right if you never learned it?)

Quenby Creatives – Transphobia In Sex Blogging – One Year On

Quenby kindly interviewed me for this article and I appreciate the opportunity. The sex blogging community has been busy with difficult conversations for the last year and while there has (maybe) been slight improvements, there is plenty of room for more.

On Her Back – Sex Magick: How And Why I Practice

Returning to my own spirituality has been a slow, grueling process and I’m always curious how others explore theirs. Reading about Rose’s sex magick is one of those reminders that things don’t have to be big or grand to be important.

CoffeeAndKink – 4 New Years Resolutions Not to Make for 2021

I know it’s March and people have probably moved on from the concept of resolutions but I think that Amy explores some great ones that don’t work great as goals any time of the year.

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