BDSM Books to Read If…Part Two

Winter makes me think of cozy fires, plush blankets, and good books. I wanted to round up a few BDSM books for you to consider when you’re ready to bury under some blankets and drink something warm.

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You Want to Read About Kink:

The Ultimate Guide to Kink edited by Tristan Taormino

This is a wonderful collection of essays covering a wide of topics. Some are how-to tutorials and other explore why are we drawn to BDSM. Many of my favorite authors and presenters have an essay in this books. This is a great book for anyone wanting to read about kink in general or read about kink from other’s persepectives in quick bites.

The New Bottoming Book by Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

One of the first kink books I ever read, The New Bottoming Book is one I’ve recommend to others many times. Easton and Hardy what being a bottom means to them, beyond just submission. Spend time exploring yourself, your limits and interests, and how to keep yourself safe when meeting people for the first time. If you’re brand new, Easton and Hardy break down what a scene is, how to negotiated, and how to get what you want.

There is also a companion book for those interested in topping – The New Topping Book.

SM 101 by Jay Wiseman

Considered a classic by many, SM 101 by Jay Wiseman is a thicker book than I had expected. But this book truly is a 101 starting off with Wiseman’s own defintions and explorations of what SM is followed by ‘Basic Basics’ – a chapter covering consent, ethics, safewords, and negotiations. Wiseman also touches on SM organizations if you’re interested in getting involved in the community.

You’re Curious About Leather Culture:

Slavecraft by Guy Baldwin

This is, frankly, one of my favorite books. I put in the topic of leather culture because that is where Guy Baldwin comes from but I think this book is invaluable to anyone interested in exploring all-encompassing D/s and M/s. I suggest taking your time to read Slavecraft, perhaps taking notes about what resonates with you and what gives you pause. This is a great book to read with a partner to discuss what does submission/slavery really look like in your relationship.

Baldwin talks about his own explorations into slavehood and what it means to be a slave versus a bottom. Slavecraft is broken up into multiple essays that go on to cover surrender, deepening slavery, four principles of slavehood, and how to deal with fear.

Keep an eye out for a review of Slavecraft in the future.

Urban Aboriginals by Geoff Mains

If you’re interested in reading about the subculture of leather, this is the book for you. Centered on the gay male leather community, Urban Aboriginals explores spiritual, emotional, and cultural aspects of what makes up leather culture. Knowing our history is important, even as leather evolves and changes shape today.

To Love, To Obey, To Serve by V.M. Johnson

If you spend time in the leather community, you’ll eventually learn that there are some names that people reference constantly. Vi Johnson is one of them. Affectionately known as Mama Vi, she published her real diary entries from her time exploring BDSM, slavery, and both the joys and frustrations of this lifestyle.

I will give a heads-up that some of this book may be difficult for people to read. What we might consider unethical or non-consensual today, and thus upsetting, wasn’t questioned. Mama Vi has spoken about this herself but I think it worth being uncomfortable. First-hand accounts are absolutely priceless for understanding where BDSM has evolved from.

I hope this list gives you a little inspo for reading materials. Make sure you check out my BDSM Books page for even more wonderful books and my reviews.

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