My last post, two months ago, was about fallow periods. About resting and healing and letting things languish when they are tired. How this applies to relationships too.

Here I am, now, wanting to write about reconnection. To myself. To Daddy. To us.

We are closing on a new home next month and have been having fun planning what we want to do to the house. It comes with a massive garage that Daddy will be able to make wholly his space but it’s easy to imagine it as a massive dungeon instead.

The talk of dungeons and play, of M/s and conventions, warms me. We’ve both been so focused on getting through the next few weeks, getting through together, and getting the basic chores done, that so many of these little chats and topics slipped out of our lives. So to have it slither its way back in is refreshing.

We’ve even discussed going to local events! I RSVP’d to an upcoming party and munch! We finalized plans for SELF! We’re still wary and careful because, y’know, pandemic, but there’s movement again in the waters. It’s exciting.

I scroll the QC Twitter a little more frequently now, trying to interact with folks I miss. I had absolutely not planned for QC to sit and be empty for as long as it has. I have plans! So many plans and desires for what I want this blog to be! It’s a little embarrassing that it fell off my radar the way it did.

But I’m here again. In front of the keyboard, trying to write about BDSM and power exchange. Trying to reconnect with the blog, with who I am as Calliope.

I make no promises to anyone, including myself, what the blog will look like moving forward but I guess this is my little note that I’m still here. I still love QC, teaching, and talking about power exchange. I’m just figuring out what that’s going to look like in my life and it’s fun to plan instead of the tedious work it had become for a while.

Maybe it’s been the move back to our home state. Maybe it’s the job change, the life stress changes. Maybe it’s just that spring is coming and we are all ready to bloom again. Whatever the reason, whatever the cause, I’m here for it. I hope you are too.

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