3 Years of QC

I’ve been diving back into kink and the blog and realized that Queer Courtesan has been around for three years!

2021 was a difficult and sparse year for me. So many life changes required my energy and focus. I don’t like that QC was put to the side but it was the best decision for myself and my life.

Queer Courtesan is back at the forefront of my mind. I’m hoping to pick up many of the plans I had originally made for last year and execute them this year. I’m planning to expand on some of my most popular posts and dive a little deeper into certain topics.

QC also passed 10,000 total views this year which is a massive milestone for me. I can’t believe my little blog has had so many views, that so many people have taken a look and read even one post.

I’ve recieved a few notes recently thanking me for my work and I want to say that I appreciate those comments, no matter how short, every single time I get them. They keep me going, remind me that there are people who are looking for what I want to write about.

Thank you so much for being patient, for sticking around, and keeping an eye on Queer Courtesan. Whether you’ve been here since I launched three years ago or are just finding the blog now, you’re a valuable reader to me.

Here’s to another year!

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