Opposites Attract

Your goal is to be the exact opposite of your dom.

Forget all the sass and wise comments.

Your dom will not enjoy that.

NTW #53

To be the exact opposite of my Dominant is to be someone incompatabile with them. I don’t think the quote is meaning to go the extreme that I’m taking it to but, really, wouldn’t you rather be with someone who is more like you than not? You need to have things in common, ethics, morals, goals, etc, in order to have a good relationship.

So much about power exchange is about getting to know your partner intimately. Understanding how and why they think the way that they do. And if you are shutting down every aspect of who they are in order to create a totally different person, why didn’t you just start with that kind of person instead? There’s a difference, IMO, between protocols that guide a submissive into respectful behavior and protocols that change how they interact with the world 180 degrees.

If I couldn’t be sassy in a power exchange relationship, I couldn’t be in the relationship.

I’m not a brat full-time but I have my moments where I can get maybe a little too mouthy back at Daddy. He has A Look that shuts it down but, for the most part, it’s part of our repitoire. It’s fun to be sassy back and forth at each other.

I think people focus too much on sexy erotica stereotypes and not enough on how power exchange and BDSM works in the real world. It’s easy to daydream about the wise but stern Dominant and want to be the quiet but strong submissive. Sometimes these are really our personalities, sometimes not. And that’s okay!

We need to embrace who we are in order to live fulfilling happy lives and not try to be “the exact opposite” of our partners. Compatability matters so much and too much opposite will destroy that. Be who you are and you’ll attract the right kind of person for yourself.

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