Post #100

I’ve been thinking about this post for two weeks now. Whether I should do something special or a giveaway or just let it go. But 100 posts is almost unbelievable to me. I can’t believe that I’ve written this much and published it all. When I started QC, I thought it would be just like all my other hobbies – something I do for a while and then let go. But here I am, still writing and planning.

I’m very grateful to all of my readers who have stuck with me the last three years. I’m grateful to those of you who have reached out over the years to let me know that I helped or you had more questions, or just to talk. You keep me writing. I hope I can keep you reading.

The next 100 posts of Queer Courtesan are going to be just as exciting and fun to write as these first 100. I’m looking forward to the adventure and I hope you’ll keep reading and stick with me. I have so many hopes and dreams for QC and I hope you’ll stick with me to see them through.

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