It’s QC’s Fourth Birthday!

A pink graphic with silver stars. The text reads: Four years, thank you for all your support, love, Calliope

I wasn’t sure about writing a post this year since it feels a little silly. But I’ve written one for every birthday of QC so far so why break the tradition?

2022 was a very busy year for Daddy and I! We moved (again), bought a house together, have been making a home, etc, etc. We also went to our first SELF (and loved it!) and wrote a new version of our contract. I read only a couple of books, but they were good ones, and I began delving into my identity as a courtesan. I wrote my butler book and finished it this past month! I taught quite a few classes and got accepted to my first con (coming up at the end of this month!).

QC was once again named a Top 100 Sex Blog by Molly Moore. I became affiliates for several companies. I connected with more bloggers and educators than ever before. I’m expanding services QC offers and making it a little more of a brand. I’m thinking about shifting the blog a little bit and narrowing down my niche a smidge more. We’ll see what happens!

Thank you to everyone who has read my blog, shared a post, or follows me on social media. Your love and support means so much to me. It helps me sit down and write another blog post every single time.

Here’s to the next year of QC and it’s adventures!

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