About Me

Hi! I’m Calliope (they/them). I’m a queer Leatherboy/slave in a long-term total power exchange dynamic. I’ve been collared by my Daddy for nearly seven years. I’ve been in the scene for over a decade, both online and in person. I was drawn to Leather years ago and truly found my home in it. Preserving the history of Leather is incredibly important to me, both literally and figuratively. I picked up the skills of bootblacking as a result and am proud to pass on this knowledge to others. I love teaching, particularly about power exchange, and look forward to teaching more in the future.

My heart is in full-time power exchange relationships, M/s in particular. Shaping my life around, and for, another person has been supremely beneficial. I’ve found power exchange to be a key to figuring out who I am. I hope to pass on what I have learned about being in power exchange to others who are looking for a home too. You’re not alone and you’re not weird for wanting to control another person or be controlled.

I’ve been writing Queer Courtesan since 2019 and have loved every moment. I’ve connected with people all over the world as a result of running QC and am grateful for everything I’ve learned from them. Queer Courtesan is a heart project of mine and I hope to continue writing it for years to come.

Official Bio

Calliope (they/them) is a queer Leatherboy and courtesan to their Daddy of six years. They are a writer and teacher with over a decade of experience in the scene. They run Queer Courtesan, a kink blog dedicated to sharing their experiences and knowledge about BDSM. Calliope is active in their local community and loves supporting folks new to the scene, especially other submissives.