Classes I Offer

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Welcome to the World of BDSM

A 101 introduction to what BDSM is, this class covers everything from common language definitions, scene, and party etiquette, and how to find your own BDSM community. This class is great for those curious about BDSM and how to get involved

The Basics of Bootblacking

This class focuses on basic leather care including cleaning and polishing boots, care of garment leathers, and other common items. We’ll go over what basic things you need, the steps of cleaning and caring for different items, and how to bring a very personal touch into it. This class is excellent for anyone interested in bootblacking and leather care.

Introduction to Power Exchange (taught with Daddy)

This class covers what power exchange is, what it can look like, and how you can create a power dynamic in your own relationship. We’ll touch on rituals, protocols, and tasks, what they are, and how to use them to reinforce power exchange dynamics. Written by a 24/7 M/s couple, this class focuses on long-term power exchange and how to create the foundation for a successful dynamic.

Cigar and Drink Service

Learn all about how to choose, prepare, and handle a cigar for someone else. We’ll explore different kinds of cigars, accessories, and how to pair food and drink. Also, we’ll cover a little about drink service in both formal and informal settings.

Power Exchange Strategies for ADHD

So you have ADHD! Congrats! Now how do you work with it and keep your dynamic running smoothly? Come learn some strategies that you can implement to make your life easier and better. ADHD and power exchange can coexist and even thrive together. Designed for long-term power dynamics, this class is about practical hands-on strategies that we’ve developed together to keep things flowing smoothly.

Conquer Your Goals: ADHD and Power Exchange

It can feel impossible to meet your goals when you have ADHD. It’s challenging to stay on course between distractions, hyperfocus, loss of interest, and more. What if you could healthily use power exchange to help you meet your goals? What if you could leverage the motivation and pleasure you get from power exchange to meet your goals? Let’s explore some methods and strategies to keep you on track. This class focuses on practical hands-on strategies for both sides of the slash that you can take home and apply right away.

PAs, Butlers, and Butler Books

What’s the difference between a personal assistant and a butler? How can I incorporate their duties into my service? And what is a butler book anyways? Let’s dive into exploring what management service can look like and how to design and put together a butler book that’s useful for you.

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